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Drilling Rig

 Water Well Drilling

(Residential, Irrigation, Oilfield, & Municipal)

If you don’t have a city water line in your area then you need a water well to supply water to your house or building.


What is Included?

Drilling the well hole, well installation, casing, gravel, & developing (cleaning).

Drill, Set Ground Loop, Back Fill with Gravel, Excavate, Header, Pressure Test, Bury Lines, Purge, Run Loop into House as per Client or HVAC company

Optional service: Water Pump setup & installation

Ewbank Drilling is a trusted 4th generation name in Oklahoma water well drilling that is licensed by the state of Oklahoma Water Resources Board, and a fully Insured company.

If you need a water well, stop waiting and give us a call. We will answer all your questions, get you put on the schedule, call Okie, and then show up to drill, set casing, back-fill hole, and develop the water well on the scheduled day. If you are using our pump installers, we will set a top of the line, certified, energy-efficient pump, and run the electrical and water to your home. You’ll have the option of a pump house or pitless installation.

Well Rejuvenation & Repair

Do you have discolored or distasteful water? Do you have any air spitting from your faucets?

If yes to the questions above, then you have a well that is most likely broken and need to be repaired.  Something is causing your water source to be tained.

Call us if you are not pleased with your current Water Well for any reason. With our well rejuvenation services we can view, clean, treat, and even replace that old pump for a “like new” water source

–We can test to make sure your water is the highest quality.

–We can clean and treat your water well

–We can use our high resolution downhole camera to check for any downhole problems.

Ewbank Water Well Repair
Water Well House Installation

Well Pump Repair & Services

Do you have no pressure on your home/building faucets?  Do you have poor pressure throughout the house?  Is your water pump running continously?

If yes, then you have a broken water pump and it needs to be fixed to prevent further damage.

We will set a top of the line, certified, energy-efficient pump, and run the electrical and water to your home. You’ll have the option of a pump house or pitless installation.

For existing water wells we can service and replace old pumps

Contact us today to get it repaired!

GEOTHERMAL (Residential and Commercial)


Ewbank is one of the leading names in the Geothermal Industry Period. Ewbank Drilling has installed over 1 million feet of ground loop on just 2 projects alone for the United States Government. That’s not even mentioning all of the public schools, businesses, municipalities and many residential projects all over the United States. We can handle projects of any size, and we offer competitive rates and peace of mind that the job will be done right.

Geothermal is the future of energy efficient heating and cooling. Although Geothermal HVAC systems have been around a while, the potential has not yet been reached. According to government studies and some of our own studies Geothermal HVAC systems are typically 25-50% more efficient than traditional air-sources. Geothermal applications include Heating & Cooling Your Home, Hot Water Heaters, Melt Snow and Ice on Patios, Walkways, and Driveways, Radiant Flooring, and Heating your Swimming Pool  

Give us a call and we will answer all your questions and get you put on the schedule today! 


Geothermal Install Diagram

Need well services?  Get started today!